I’ve been asked several times, “Why did you start FOUNDio”?

The answer is simple: We’re web developers with kids.

They (and us) periodically misplace expensive things like phones, tablets, laptops, school books, keys and even coats. We decided to create a service for our own use that would help us recover our valuable items without being a security risk to us or our kids. The service needed to be easy to use, work effectively and protect our identity.

Since I already run a web-based development company, we set out one Friday with a whiteboard and a few basic ideas…

  1. It needed to be easy to use; no special labels or tags to buy
  2. It needed to be free…forever
  3. It needed to be safe for kids to have on their things
  4. It needed to be personal so you could use one easy to remember Tag ID for all your stuff
  5. It should not require an “app” any phone browser will work

FOUNDio was born.

With our base service up and running, we decided to open it up to the public for free. If you like it, please tell your friends and family about the service so we can get lots of people (and their stuff) protected.