So you just got a new phone for Christmas and are checking out all the cool features. Stop for a moment and ask yourself this; if you lost your phone at Starbucks or the grocery store, would a person who found it be able to contact you?

It seems simple to recover a lost cell phone but what if it is not charged or you do not have the GPS locator enabled?

Of course, there’s always the “insurance” policy, but that usually comes with a HUGE deductible, like $200.

Why not try a FREE way to protect your phone like FOUNDio? It is a free lost and found service for cell phones, laptops, tablets, books, heck…anything!

phone_label_closeupThe way FOUNDio works is simple. It uses web based email to notify you if someone finds your phone. You simply create a Tag ID at and write that on your phone (or get a pre-printed sticker if you know a FOUNDio team member). Then, if someone finds your phone, they use THEIR PHONE’s browser to open They click on “Notify Owner”, fill out some details about where your phone is (or how you can contact them), and submit it. FOUNDio will email you those details to your (or your parent’s) web email address. You get your phone back in no time.

So before you load up too many priceless pictures and conversations, take 1 minute and Tag your phone with FOUNDio.